VEDA Festival

VEDA Festival
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About VEDA Festival:
VEDA festival is a knowledge festival, which is a first of its kind in
New Zealand. The term ‘VEDA’ means ‘knowledge, wisdom’ and comes from the Sanskrit
root word ‘vid’ which means to ‘to know’. The festival endeavors to bring together experts,
thinkers, intellectuals, and practitioners to share the deeper truths about life and its

Unique feature: A unique feature of this knowledge festival is its focus on living-wisdom
which is a lived experience rather than just knowledge. This festival is in its second year and
is already gaining attention from all sections of our society, as more people seek expert
wisdom of the experts and their time-tested knowledge.
What topics are discussed? Last year, in 2018 the festival theme was KARMA which is
one of the most intriguing and misunderstood concepts today. This year in 2019, the theme
is ‘DHARMA’ which has been the core value of the Eastern civilisation for centuries till today.
Aims of the knowledge festival: The festival aims to provide our communities with a d with dynamic
21st-century platform to gain the wisdom of the experts who follow a scientific, intellectual
and spiritual templates of thought. The festival will also provide a platform to share, research
and gain more clarity on the deeper topics of life and concepts related to life. To decode this
concept, we are inviting experts from the field of psychology, parapsychology, and
philosophy. The expert practitioners will contribute to panel discussions, conduct workshops
on practices that offer a roadmap for our lives.

What are some of the highlights of the VEDA festival?
 Common platform for all New Zealanders to gain the wisdom of life
 Dedicated to people who like to think about living, its purpose and many issues related to
 Featuring distinguished speakers from Australia, India and New Zealand who will share
their expertise on various topics
 Roundup panel discussions with Q&A
 Breakout sessions on life-knowledge and guided reflection that transform our lives
 Covering a broad range of topics with a focus on values,life-changing concepts
 Opportunity to mingle with speakers, researchers, teachers informally
Who are the participants: The VEDA festival is a community event and is open to all New
Zealanders. All are welcome.
Who are the speakers: The VEDA festival is a celebration of the ancient wisdom and
knowledge of life, brought out through the medium of a symposium, where different
viewpoints and perspectives will be shared by experts, scholars and practitioners. A
knowledge festival of this nature endeavours to bring together experts, thinkers, intellectuals
and practitioners to share the deeper truths about life and its mysteries. This festival aims to
bring the benefits of promoting life wisdom to the wider community. It is being organized on a
the not-for-profit basis by Chinmaya Mission New Zealand to spread the benefits of the time-
tested science of life which has benefitted many civilisations for centuries.


Saturday, 25th May 

11am - 3pm



Phone: +64 9 2756954

Address: Red Lecture Theatre UNITEC campus Entry from gate 3 Building 2017, Carrington Road Mt Albert, Auckland